Dive Safe, Install The Vindicator safety Handle On Your Tank Today!
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Vindicator Safety Handles

The Vindicator Scuba Tank Safety Handle's Patented Red/Green Indicators let divers know at a glance that their air Is on.

Vindicator Handles take only a minute to install and can be retro-fitted on most manufacturer's scuba tank valves. (Select the Model Number you need from the list of valves that Vindicator Handles fit)

Model  Fits These Valves
Model #1 Halcyon
Model #2 Catalina, Dacor, OMS, PST, Sherwood 4000 & 5000, Thermo
Model #3 Dive Rite, Scuba Max, Scuba Pro
Model #3SP Youngdo
Model #4 Sherwood 6300, U.S. Divers/Aqua Lung
Model #5 U.S. Divers (Labeled Santa Ana, Cal.)
Model #5SP Genesis KA-30 (France)
Model #6 Blue Steel
Model #7 Genesis KA-70, Midland
Model #8 Harrison, XS Scuba
Model #9 San-o-sub